The First
"Ride the Wave With Roger & Dave"
at Lake of the Ozarks, MO.
Sept. 2005

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Rare! Kamikaze Louisiana Style attack
caught on film for the 1st time!
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Roger & Dave, doing the wave!

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A record 8 Amphicars launched side by side

As told by Dave himself!... (I added the photos)

Ride The Big Wave with Rog and Dave. The first of I hope many swims at Lake of The Ozarks, Missouri. Thursday was the kick off at the Alhonna resort. We left the Alhonna resort by water to the bar to get a feel for the lake. Trying many bottles of the "new" Budweiser containers (16oz long neck aluminum cans) was a new experience for most of the group.

Friday the party kicked into 4th gear, With Kamikaze Ken “cookin" up some shrimp gumbo "Orleans" style. Mmmmm good. Some big fun was had driving off the “cliff” into the lake. Roger led the folks down the cliff which was an extremely steep dirt road down to the ramp.  Tuff getting back out. BW2 made it up sometimes and we got lots of water time. Cruiser Duck and Not Dead yet got a ride they won't forget. Friday night most of the group made sure the bar at Alhonna did not close early.

Saturday shifted it up to overdrive. Who got Tina the aspirin?! It started with a 30 minute road trip out to a State Park. Roger wanted to make history with largest side by side entry into water but first we had to meet with Conservation Officer Squarenuts. Luckily for us the cranky cop decide to leave. At Noon we were ripping it up pretty good. We started with 8 cars side by side entering slowly and moved on to high speed side by side launches. There were 10-12 cars there (nobody was counting and 4 cars were Roger Sallee's that he loaned to those that weren't able to bring cars).  Roger hired a professional video team to record the fun so its all on tape now and there will be a DVD out in about 3 weeks.

Then Ken Richter earned his nickname “Kamikaze Ken”. This good'ol boy from Louisiana came up with a plan. As I was getting out of water he would haul ass down the ramp towards us. The third time was the charm. I had a couple of young wannabe Mermaids on my high boat seats. They had made the whole trip totally dry, then woooosh - kamikaze Ken drenches them with a mighty wave. We all offered suggestions on how to get the girls dry. None were excepted though.

Then it was off to the wooden boat show at the Tantara Resort. A hellish ride on a busy highway required making a left turn across 4 lanes of traffic with no light. Roger trying to be considerate was driving at about 5mph to insure we all had a chance of being rear ended. Ahhhhhhh! But we all survived. Then the boat show. Just great! Once again the antique and wooden boats became invisible as we swam past the crowd. I happened to see a couple of friends that I met the night before. I pulled next to dock. She jumped up top to My bright yellow fishing seats. I proudly wore a yellow beanie with a propeller. I do not know if the thousand pictures were of the blonde sitting up high or me with propeller spinning. Either way BW2 looked great. Daryl-ict was a fine passenger too. He would jump from BW2 to the dock and within moments be back with an ice cold six pack. He repeated that task more than once. We kept on going back for new passengers. All were great fun including "Bambi and Roxanne" Finally show was over.

I tried very hard to get Eric Mattlin to buy a sweet 1950's wooden boat. But to no avail. Daryl-ict and I stop at gas station. Cap'n John following. A group of five octogenarians ask a couple of Amphi questions. End result, Cap'n would give them a ride for $8.50. Daryl-ict not feeling any pain also was inviting the ladies for a ride. We did not think anything about the invite when the van full of ladies arrive.  They get out and start looking for change. I asked what they were doing. In that short time I forgot about joking about payment. So they were looking for exact change. I said no and took three out and they loved it. I could have set Grandpa Wave up with all of them! Got back and two said no they were scared. I asked scared of what? You can't be scared of dying at Your age! They got in. They were the most Thankful group I have ever had the pleasure of giving a ride to. We took more pictures, hugs and hand shakes. Before leaving they forced tens and twenty's into my pocket.

Then it was back in the water to the restaurant, then via water to Dock Knockers. That's when Kamikaze Ken and I made contact. BW2 now has foot long scar on rear quarter. Man o man what fabulous ride. Then entering the bar decorated in bras (Dock Knockers). Some fine displays! Good food, more rides and then the drive back. Ken took lead, with Cap'n John, Myself and Indy Sam picking up the rear. The lake roads are all up and down with hair pin turns. All gas then all brakes, both were smokin' by the time we made it back to motel. Who turned on the megaphone? I know who turned it off! All in all a superb ending to a most fantastic week end. Thanks Roger!!! (Amen to that! - Cap'n)

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