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International Amphicar
Owners Club
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The Official By-Laws of

The International Amphicar Owner's Club

Effective June 1, 2012

Section 1.   Name

The club shall be known as the International Amphicar Owners Club (IAOC). Throughout this document it will be referred to as the "club".

Section 2.   Purpose

The purpose of the club is to encourage the preservation, ownership and operation of the amphibious vehicle known as the Amphicar.

The club will aim to promote relations with other groups that will encourage the fundamental purpose of the club.

The club will provide a central point of contact for the press and any other media organizations.  Club responses shall be by the president or whoever he/she may delegate, including queries from the IAOC website.

The club will hold an Annual Convention each summer somewhere in the USA. This event will be in the form of a swim-in and owners are encouraged to attend with their cars.  There will be a full meeting of the Board, as well as an opportunity for any club member to address the Board.  Events will be determined by the Board or by committee.  The event will be partly funded by the club and partly by sponsorship.  Depending on the location and schedule, club members who attend the convention might be asked to contribute.

Section 3.   Structure

The club will be operated by a president who will be responsible for day to day operations.  The president will be responsible for maintaining membership lists, collecting membership dues, managing the operating budget as determined by the Board, publishing the newsletter, setting up the annual convention, and administering the website (Home) The president may delegate any of these responsibilities to other members of the Board, but the president is ultimately responsible for them.  The Board will consist of seven members.  The president will delegate the duties of each member which will then be agreed to by the Board.

The board may nominate and call for a vote to elect officers.  IAOC members in good standing, through the board may nominate and elect club officers through due process.  If new officers are not nominated, the board of elections would need to distribute mailers to all members in good standing for nominations.  Then another mailer must be sent to all members for a final vote on each board member.  All board members will serve a two year term, including the president.  The president may elect to add the position of vice-president if he/she feels it is necessary based on the workload.

Section 3a.   The Amphicar Board
The purpose of the Amphicar Board is to provide trusteeship and direction to the club and accountability of its officers to the members.  The Board will decide the club's priorities, have oversight on the budget as managed by the president, and create bylaws and other organizational directives.  Members of the Board will decide what services the club will provide to the Amphicar hobby and its members, as well as determine the future organization of the club and elections.

Either the Board or the president will produce a report of all activities.  The report will be presented to all members at the annual convention and/or in the newsletter.

The Amphicar Club is run by its members, for its members.  The Board sees itself as representative of the members of the club.  The club invites all members to write and suggest any changes or amendments to theBylaws at any time.  These will be discussed and voted on by the Board.

Section 4.   Membership

The club is structured for the Amphicar and that will always be its primary focus.  However, owners of other amphibious vehicles or non-amphibious vehicles, and anyone with an interest in Amphicars is welcome to join.  The Board reserves the right to refuse a membership application if the majority of the board feels it is not in the best interest of the club.

All members will receive a newsletter by mail.  Members will also be eligible for other benefits including, but not limited to, classified listings, technical resources, and event notifications.

From time to time the Board will ask the members to vote on issues.  To avoid discrimination against members without internet access, this will be a postal vote.  The voting information will be in the newsletter.

Section 5.   Financial

Membership will run for 12 months from the time of payment.  All membership fees paid are non-refundable except by vote of the Board.

From time to time the club is likely to receive gifts or donations from organizations and individuals.  All of these will be recorded and presented in the annual report.  Many of these gifts and donations will be "trinkets" that will be offered as competition prizes or auctioned at the convention or other Amphicar events as the Board decides.

Anything that is "original Amphicar" or any Amphicar literature or photos will be kept in a club library and will remain the property of the club.  If the club receives a substantial gift or donation with a value of more than $5000, the club will ask the membership to vote on what to do with it.  The Board will assign a board member to maintain a record of all items, their value, and where these items will be stored, if not maintained in a recorded club library location.

Any Amphicar item or memorabilia that a member of the Board receives as a result of serving on the Board shall be considered property of the club and shall be entered into the club library.  Exceptions to this will only be made if immediate disclosure is made to the Board with an explanation of why an exception should be given.  At that time, the Board may approve or deny the requested exception.

It is prudent for the club to hold a small amount of cash in reserve and to carry this forward at the end of each year.  This will be detailed each year in the report.

Neither the Board members, the president, nor any member of the club shall receive any sort of remuneration from the club (including membership dues) except for expenses that are receipted and have been pre-agreed with the majority of the Board.  Any such payments will be clearly documented in the report.

Section 6.   Other

Membership List
The club respects that some members wish to keep their membership information private whereas some enjoy meeting other members.  The club will make available to all current members a membership list.  The club will not sell the list or make it available to any third party.

At the time of joining, and at each renewal, members will be asked if they want to be on the membership list.

Personal Liability
All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the club or the Board shall look only to the funds and property of the club for the payment of any debt, damages, judgement, decree, or any other money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from the club or the Board, so that neither the members of the club, nor the Board past, present, or future, shall be personally liable.

Conflict of Interest
No member of the Board may participate in, or attempt to influence any decision by the club affecting his or her own personal business interests, or otherwise use an official position for personal gain