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About the IAOC

The International Amphicar Owners Club (IAOC) is a group of Amphicar owners and like-minded enthusiasts who enjoy this truly unique vehicle. Being the only civilian mass produced amphibious vehicle (if you think approximately 3,900 vehicles is massed produced) in the world’ it provides owners with a unique driving and boating experience. Even though it wasn’t a great car or a great boat it is one of a kind.

The IAOC has been an ongoing source of history, technical support and vehicle information to members and the general public. Through the club’s website and newsletters, we hope to share the spirit of the Amphicar and make ownership an exciting adventure. Our regional and national Swim-ins, offer members the opportunity to share their cars, meets other owners, discuss technical and restoration issues and most importantly, create lifelong friendships.

The owners of an Amphicar are a truly unique breed unlike any other car collectors. We don’t talk about how much horsepower we have or admire all the chrome on the car. We talk about swimming with our cars and the fun experiences we have had when we take our cars into the water. We embrace the unique aspects of our half car/half boat. We enjoy sharing our cars by raising money for local charities while providing the public with a once in a lifetime experience in going for a ride in the car that floats.

For more information about the IAOC and how we operate, visit the IAOC bylaws section.

When you drive a car as unique as the Amphicar, questions are bound to come up.  The IAOC has compiled a list of common questions members are asked.  If you don't find the answer to your question, please ask the membership.  We are always happy to help Amphicar enthusiasts. 


The club is dedicated to preserving all aspects of the Amphicar, including its trademark.  Check out how the IAOC has maintained the Amphicar trademark and protected its future use.

The IAOC is active in ensuring the Amphicar remains afloat.  Check out how the club is mobilizing around the "Duck Boat Safety Enhancement Act of 2019"

The IAOC has a rich tradition of maintaining much of its knowledge and material on the web.  Over the years, many IAOC webmasters have brought the club along during the internet age.  If you are a history buff, and more importantly, have an affinity for technologies like Microsoft FrontPage and animated GIFs, take a look at how the club site has changed over the years.  Netscape Navigator browsers welcomed!