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International Amphicar
Owners Club

Vintage Amphicar Advertisements

Ranchero Motors Sticker
Ranchero Motors Dealer Sticker

London Dealer Ad
London Dealer Ad

Hunter Brochure 1
"Hunter" Brochure

Amph Ad
"Queer Duck" Ad

1967 Amphicar Art 2

Win An Amphicar
Cadbury Amphicar Give Away Contest

Gracie Front
Gracie Back
Postcard from a Loveland, Colorado dealership

Sweetheart Motors
Another postcard from a Loveland, Colorado dealership

Balaton Postcard
Postcard from Lake Balaton, Hungary (Largest lake in Central Europe)

Whoosh Original 72
Original hand-drawn conceptual artwork

Whoosh Final
Final approved version

Amphi Ad Why?
Vintage concept for Cleveland Amphicar Ad

Amphi Ad 2
Vintage Cleveland Amphicar Ad

Vintage Amphicar In Water
Vintage Amphicar On Land
Photos used for the rare dealer sign

Santa Village
Santa's Village, Illinois