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Port Clinton Swim-In 2017

This year’s swim in was outstanding! Our attendance was way up and included in our itinerary was a TV shoot and a newspaper feature! Doc's Beach House provided excellent food as always, and there were plenty of rides splashing through the beach and out into Lake Erie. The lake was higher than usual so there were no sand bars slowing down our launches.

Our Sunday Captains’ Meeting included the president of the IAOC Jim Golomb and the editors of "Wheels & Waves" Larry and Pat DePasquale. Cap'n Nick James presented the many fun and sometimes challenging activities with detailed charts for the entire area including all of the different islands to power up onto.

Monday's adventures started out with a quick trip on Miller ferry to South Bass Island and we made a bee line to launch and swim the Bay. The water conditions were ideal. After enjoying the bay swim we were off to "The Goat" for perch tacos. After lunch we continued our island tour to the State Park boat ramp. Everyone enjoyed the swim along the high cliffs of the west shore. We reconvened and launched for Middle Bass. The lake was relatively calm with an occasional breaking wave adding some wet excitement to cool us off. With a good run behind us we were back on land and ready for lunch and a cocktail in the tropical lagoon at JF Walleyes. Our group decided to take a scenic ride to the north side of the island, launch there and boat around Sugar Island. With North Bass Island in sight, one of more adventurous crew members stood up and shouted "what's that island over there?" (no names mentioned here). Nick replied "North Bass Island". After several "LETS GO THERE" we bounced the idea with the other pilots and the consensus was "GO"! The trip was not very long and the lake was still calm, but this is a very isolated island with only a few year round inhabitants. We made our own ramp on the steep and very rocky terrain. This requires all the power Amphicars can muster - "pedal to the metal" with both the land drive and water drive combined. This is not for the timid owner, but with a little prompting all made it on land with no problem. Very Cool! This was a spontaneous and fun decision.

After a short tour on land we did a real "Island to Island hop" back through Middle Bass then a water and land hop to South Bass Island to catch the last ferry back to the mainland.

Tuesday we explored the west harbor on Catawba Island where we enjoyed the grandeur of the large waterfront homes. That brought us to the East Harbor State Park ramp and then off to the Hidden Beach Bar for lunch and cocktails. At the bar we were interviewed by the Sandusky Register. "Wheels Of The Past" met up with us at Put in Bay for filming the pilot episode for their new series named "The Fastest Boat on Land". This was followed up by a fantastic feast at the Orchard courtesy of the producer from the TV show.

The enthusiasm over the past 5 years has sparked a BRAND NEW SWIM IN EVENT in Port Clinton Ohio planned for June 2018. Details will follow.

--Billy Syx

2017 Port Clinton Swim-In