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The Amphicar Lets You Safely Drive in and Take a Swim

FROM:      MotorBiscuit
DATE:       04-May-2020
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Matthew Skwarczek

Amphibious cars and vehicles are usually the purview of military organizations or eccentric one-offs. To be sure, there are some wheeled vehicles that can cross water.

The best boat on the road, and best car on the water

FROM:      Bill Green's Maine 
DATE:       16-Oct-2016
TYPE:         Video
AUTHOR:  Bill Green

Amphicars were made in West Germany in the 1960's.  They were usually boat as an expensive toy or  an inexpensive second car. The are said to be the "best boat on the road and the best car in the water."

It’s a car! It’s a boat! It’s both, and it’s perfectly restored

FROM:      Old Cars Weekly 
DATE:        2-March-2020
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Angelo Van Bogart

Keith Mathiowetz of Scandinavia, Wis., remembers the exact moment that he fell in love with the Amphicar 770, that quirky German automobile that doubles as a boat. As a kid standing on the shore of the Mississippi River in Red Wing, Minn., he witnessed the unique ability of the Amphicar unfold.

Amphicar: Does the Promise of a Car that Works as a Boat Actually Hold Water?

FROM:      Classic Motorsports 
DATE:        7-January-2020
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  J.G. Pasterjak

Rarely does a machine exceed the sum of its parts in such a dramatic fashion. As a car, it’s an unremarkable early-1960s European convertible sedan. As a boat, it’s a heavy, deep-riding, slow way to navigate the blue. But as a carboat, there’s simply nothing better, cooler, sillier or just plain more wondrous than the Amphicar.

Amphicar Owner's Club National Swim-in

FROM:      Old Cars Weekly 
DATE:        21-August-2018
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Mike Eppinger

The “Swim-In” was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration of the last production Amphicar. An attempt was successfully made to gather the largest number of Amphicar’s at one location plus, hopefully, will make it into the Guinness World Records.

20th Anniversary Celina Lake Festival

FROM:      North Coast Voice Magazine 
DATE:        23-July-2019
TYPE:         Article (pages 16-18)
AUTHOR:  James Onysko

In one of his more famous quotes (the origin of which has a few variations), Groucho Marx once proclaimed in a hilarious huff: “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”. Well, clearly he could not have known of the future existence of the International Amphicar Owners’ Club; whose precise beginnings are a little murky … like  he waters in which these iconic vehicles sometime swim.

Fish Out Of Water

FROM:      Barn Finds
DATE:        29-April-2018
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Brian Birkner

Incredibly iconic and very well known for its unique styling and abilities, the Amphicar is the small water going classic you just can’t help but appreciate. Often difficult to find in any condition, this Canadian found project seems rather reasonable considering the fact that it’s a water going classic that is up in Canada

WHAS News 11 Report of Steve Filardo Commuting to Work

FROM:      WHAS News 11
DATE:        03-February-2018
TYPE:         Video
AUTHOR:  Steven Filardo

WHAS News 11 follows Steve Filardo's unique commute to work

Surf & Turf

FROM:      Seattle Times
DATE:        02-July-2017
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Lance Lambert

There are times when the best mode of transportation is an automobile.  At other times, it's a boat.  Sometimes it is both.  Mount Vernon residents Larry and Nancy Solheim have the choice of traveling either way, or both at the same time, in their 1966 Amphicar.

Car Plunges Into Lake Conroe

FROM:      Conroe Today
DATE:        24-March-2016
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  JB Edelstein

The owner, JB Edelstein, is a resident of Walden and he enjoys driving his quirky little blue car into the lake whenever the water is calm. JB has been known to offer rides to interested people and enjoys sharing the wealth of knowledge he has about Amphicars. As a former president of the International Amphicar Owners Club (IAOC), JB is ready for the crowd of curious onlookers inevitable questions.

It's a Car! No. It's a Boat! No. It's Both!

FROM:      Wall Street Journal
DATE:        22-September-2015
TYPE:         Website Article
AUTHOR:  A.J. Baime

Jim Golomb, 65, a retired businessman from Northfield, Ill., on his 1964 Amphicar, as told to A.J. Baime.  Life’s more interesting when you drive fun cars. 

Amphicars go to Auction

FROM:      Gizmag
DATE:        03-January-2015
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Mike Hanion

There are four Amphicars heading to auction during the rare car silly season in January, the most that have gone to auction at the same time for at least a decade and possibly for much longer. The big question is how much they will fetch.

An Amphibious Car Refuses to Sink into Oblivion

FROM:      Wall Street Journal
DATE:        24-August-2013
TYPE:         Article   (original web article found here)
AUTHOR:  Spencer Jakab

Meet the Amphicar, a German classic car from the 60's that leads a double life--as a boat.  WSJ's Spencer Jakab reports.  "I brake for fish," says a sticker on the back of Tony Ortokales's car.  It's the sort of thing an avid angler might have on his bumper, but the license plate reading "H20CAR" suggests something else. The propellers below the bumper tell the rest of the story.

Is it a Boat? A Car? Local Amphicar Owners Get Two in One

FROM:      The Seattle Times Company
DATE:        26-August-2012
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Unknown

What has a frog's face and a shark's body, and can move with ease across land and sea? It's the Amphicar — perhaps the best way to cruise on summer's more pleasant days.

Swim-In 2011: Amphicar Owners Invade Celina, Ohio

DATE:        26-July-2011
TYPE:         Article
AUTHOR:  Andrew Wendler

It's been a banner month here in northwestern Ohio for aficionados of small, quirky vehicles from long-defunct manufacturers. Just two short weeks ago, I brought you the latest in diminutive vintage tin from the National Crosley Club Meet in Wauseon, Ohio. This week, I've traveled approximately 85 miles south to meet up with a band of equally nutty and obsessed enthusiasts on the shores of Grand Lake St. Marys in Celina, Ohio.

Older Articles

The fun doesn't stop here.  We have may more articles archived for you to review.  Some articles date back to the 1960's and 1070's.  Amazing to see how the Amphicar has been reported on through the years.